Abstract Submission Guidelines

Extended abstracts will be published on the conference website. Presentations will also be made available in webinar form and youtube.

Submission details

1- Click here to complete your extended abstract using the template supplied on the website (for oral and poster submissions please comply with the standard Word document format provided. We recommend A0 paper size for posters whether portrait or landscape)

  • Word count: 800 – 1200 words (excluding references)

2- Please go to Registration to register your attendance and to Abstract submission to submit your abstract

3- For oral and poster presenters, please click here  to submit your completed abstract.


To be accepted for presentation:

Abstracts should strictly adhere to a word count of between 800-1200 words.

All sections of the template should be completed in order to assist feedback.

Important: Please note that oral presentations will be timed at 15 minutes with additional time for Q&A.